I grew up in a small but beautiful village in the mountains in Nepal, 4 hrs south Kathmandu called Bhimpedhi, a very old place with a river and temples.  With me being the second oldest of four sisters, we always loved polishing each other’s nails. After meeting my husband in Kathmandu over 20 yrs ago, I moved to Boulder in 2000. I decided to go to school and become an Aesthetician and Nail Technician. We have a beautiful and smart little boy named Bodhi Ratna and a dog named Himal (after Himalaya)… I have now been doing nails for 17 years and loving’ it every day.  My business partners are my second family!  I am blessed to serve such kind clients who have also become close friends and extended family.  I am honored to jointly own The Nail Studio since 2008.

You might be surprised to learn that I speak FOUR languages; English, Nepali, Newari (caste language), and Hindi.  I love cooking Nepali food and everyone at The Nail Studio looks forward to the days I bring in food to share. Music and dancing I really enjoy as well as spending time with my family and speaking to my family in Nepal on FaceTime.

On My Bucket List – Vacation to Japan and explore more of my country, Nepal

Second Home Fantasy – Nepal

Movie That Never Gets Old – Little Miss Sunshine